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Annette's class Painted Divorce
Annette's class: Clairvoyant Cinema

Clairvoyant Cinema

Annette uses cinema as a healing modality. This totally unique class is based on Annette’s Visions, Channelled Guides and her extensive film background; exploring the aesthetic, the spiritual and the practical.

Annette's classes: Sight 101

Sight 101

Since she was 3 years old, Annette has called her gift of Visions & Guides’ counsel – SIGHT. This is a study of your Self in metaphysics, meditation, artful action, intuitive practice, sound & Sight.

Annette's classes: Painted Divorce

Painted Divorce

Spiritual practice and personal discovery for any P-A-R-T-I-N-G. Old habits, relationships and self limiting ideas disperse. We let go & renew with the liquid creativity of paint and Visions…

Higher-up-Love Quilt

In a very intimate, powerful studio setting, Annette teaches you to create Art infused with energy, purpose and healing. We quilt to heal your relationship to love.

Private Instruction

Annette's Private Instruction

Private Instruction with Clairvoyant Cinema


open-quoteClairvoyant Cinema is a personalized course, aimed at sharpening one’s spiritual awareness and ability to act creatively in response to specific life challenges. Through watching and discussing films selected on the recommendation of Annette Tacconelli and guides, the student of Clairvoyant Cinema is able to creatively explore and eventually move beyond his or her limitations in a chosen area of life, for example, in love and familial relationships or work and career. Whatever the chosen area for exploration, the theme is always personal and spiritual growth, towards shifting stuck situations by expanding one’s ability to sense and respond ethically in challenging situations.

I am currently taking a Clairvoyant Cinema course with Annette because I recently made a major life change. I left my work and long-time home in New York to move to Europe and take on a new job, in a new city, in a new language. This move calls for a complete re-orientation of all my habits and attitudes, as I am confronted with challenges to my own sense of “normal” in every aspect of daily life, from what to eat, to how to relate to strangers, neighbors and coworkers, to finding a comfortable place to live. As a woman alone, this has not been an easy move. Most challenging, however, has been adjusting to my new workplace and understanding my role on my new team.

To help me take on the task of understanding my work in my new city, Annette and her guides designed a personalized Clairvoyant Cinema course, consisting of three movies, watched over a six-week period, with hour-long meetings every two weeks. The objective of the course is to help me identify and get started on “the Work” in Amsterdam. What is so unique about this course is that it is not so much about “self-help” or “life-coaching” towards specific career goals, as it is about helping me to see the unique demands of my current life situation as a “spiritual crucible” (Annette’s words), with profound transformative properties, both for myself and for all with whom I am connected, in all of my lives, past, present and future.

I have studied with Annette and had readings with her since 2009. Based on this experience, I can say that taking Clairvoyant Cinema is not the same as getting a reading from Annette and her guides. While sight is applied to the movie selection, and in the discussions, the work feels more evenly balanced between Annette, the guides, and the student. What this means, is that the student is not simply a client, visiting for a reading around a given question. Rather, they are a student-practitioner, required to bring their own insights to the table from week to week, and to contribute actively to their own spiritual growth, within the timeframe of the class. Additionally, there is a reversal of the questioning process: rather than presenting Annette and guides with three questions as one would in a reading, in Clairvoyant Cinema, the student is presented with questions that require serious thought and spiritual work.

As we go into our final Clairvoyant Cinema session, I can say that I have already experienced positive changes in the way I am responding to situations that arise in my new workplace, and in the city as well. I have a greater capacity to find peaceful, in-the-moment solutions to workplace “problems” as they arise, mostly by seeing from the heart, beyond the surface personalities of the people involved. I have a better understanding of my own capabilities and limitations, and I now see all kinds of avenues for expansion into this new organization. But most importantly, through Clairvoyant Cinema I am experiencing episodes of what Annette calls “Psychic TV”—that thing where beautiful, positive images called forth and co-created in our sessions, actually present themselves as opportunities for creative action out in the world.”

Adeola E.

Volunteering Apprentice

Annette's Volunteering Apprentice

Mentoring for kiddos & teens

Art from the Inside Out. A lively Arts Mentoring Program taught by Annette Tacconelli.

Emphasizing the practice of intuitive connection, skillful technique, bravery of self and community mindedness. 6 Students maximum per class.

For more information please contact Annette.

Annette's mentoring for kiddos & teens