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Urban Artifacts

Annette’s Urban Artifacts selected for Urban Landscape Show at Bendheim Gallery in Greenwich, CT. January 19 – February 23.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 19, 6 to 8 PM
(snow date: January 26)

My urban artifacts are one of my most beloved and philosophically truthful bodies of work. I begin by harvesting discarded rusty bits of a forlorn modern world. I wash the metal. I shut my eyes and see the metal’s next incarnation. Most pieces are made from over 10,000 beads, built one bead at a time. Using only the bead, thread and tension I create the ruffled volume or flat expanse. It takes approximately six months per creation. Here the mundane, the soulful and the imperfect become prayers.

Photography by D. James Dee

Granpop’s Prayers

Summer 1

Moving Still

Ruffle Eating






Nursing Red